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A Beginner’s Guide to Live Scan Fingerprint Services

Do you want to have your fingerprints taken in Billings, Montana but don’t know where to begin? Fingerprinting 101 offers Livescan fingerprinting services using advanced digital technology to acquire prints, which may be necessary for job applications, visas, licenses, and other purposes. This tutorial will explain all you need to know about discovering and using LiveScan fingerprint services in Billings.

What is a Live Scan Fingerprinting Service?

Livescan fingerprinting captures prints with cutting-edge digital scanners rather than the classic messy ink-and-paper method. The prints are immediately uploaded to a digital format for quick processing. Livescan is more accurate, generates faster results, and can send your fingerprints to various agencies, such as the FBI, ATF, and Homeland Security.

LiveScan prints are commonly required for job applications, concealed carry permits, TSA Pre-checks, adoptions, professional licenses, immigration visas, and some financial activities.

Find a LiveScan Provider in Billings.

Billings offers several  LiveScan fingerprinting providers to select from. When picking a company, ensure that it is certified and approved by the appropriate Montana state agency. You’ll also want to confirm the sorts of appointments available, payment alternatives, and usual turnaround times.

Some Livescan fingerprinting services in Billings are:

Fingerprinting 101  offers both LiveScan and Ink rolled prints for traveling nurses and others who need fingerprints taken for employment.

Montana Fingerprinting Services provides inkless fingerprinting for employment, licenses, and visa applications.

Call O Way and Indentgo provide fingerprinting for licensing and employment.

Billings Police Department offers Livescan prints on weekdays by appointment, however, they work with volunteers and the days they take appointments are limited.

Montana Background Checks is a veteran-owned firm that specializes in mobile fingerprinting services.

Schedule Your Billing Appointment.

You should arrange your Livescan appointment as soon as you get fingerprinting papers from your employer, agency, or other requestor. Most suppliers accept online bookings through their website or by phone. When scheduling, you should provide:

Completed fingerprint cards (if needed)

Employer/agency info

Payment information:

Bring your ID to the appointment.

Arrive early, freshly showered, and with clean hands to achieve the highest quality prints!

The Live Scan Process

At your visit, you will present identification and sign documents authorizing the background check associated with the prints. Then, a qualified technician will scan each finger with modern digital readers. The scanner collects fingerprints without using ink and uploads them immediately electronically once the operation has been completed.

You will receive confirmation that your prints were successfully captured before leaving.

After your Livescan

The livescan provider will send your fingerprints to the appropriate agencies, usually within 24 hours. Background check results are often completed within a few days. If there is an issue with your prints that requires resubmission, Fingerprinting 101 re-do your fingerprints at no charge.

That covers the most important components of fingerprinting for newbies in Billings! Contact Fingerprinting 101 immediately to begin the Livescan procedure.


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