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Notary - Finger Printing 101

Virtual Online Notarization

Notarize your document virtually, quickly and easily.

It’s As Easy as 1-2-3

You can create a profile and sign up on our website. Then, you can upload the document to be notarized. To verify your ID, upload a current I.D. and verify your identify by Biometric technology. Take a selfie with your smartphone on our system. To sign the document, sign your document online in alive zoom session. Once everyone has signed and the document has been notarized, you will be able to download your notarized document and access the recorded audio / video session.

It is a cover page that is attached to a document which has been authenticated or legalized, allowing that document to be used in a foreign country. Apostille is of French origin meaning "certification" and is used for this purpose.

  • People who work in another country
  • People who go to school in another country
  • Giving someone Power of Attorney in another country
  • FBI Criminal Background Checks
  • Overseeing Patents
  • Job Transfers
  • Getting married in another country
  • Adopting children from another country
  • Establishing a business in another country
  • Teaching abroad

We help arrange the Apostille Certificate on your behalf to simplify the process of handling different documents. The original document and the Apostille Certificate are not the only requirements for this process. The document must also contain certain signatures or seals of authority, depending on the country of intended use. Our service provides many benefits, including a fast turnaround time and the assurance that your document will be issued with the Apostille Certificate on the first attempt.

Biometric I.D. Validation

Notary Online For You has been authorized to use Biometric Validation by the State of Montana. This means that the notarization can be done online and is legally binding. The use of biometrics eliminates the need for knowledge-based authentication questions, which can often be difficult to answer.


How it Works

You will be sent a "link" to your cell phone. Once you click on the link, you will be asked to select the country you are in and the type of I.D. you would like to validate. Driver's License, I.D., or Passport are all acceptable forms of I.D. After you have selected which form of I.D. you will be using, you will be asked to take a photo of both the I.D. and a "selfie". These photos will be uploaded for verification. If the Idology platform detects that the images are a 70% or greater match, then you are approved.


What are the most important questions our customers ask?

Depending on the appointment you will need the following...

  • License
  • ID
  • Social
  • ORI Number
  • CRD Number
  • Personal Information
  • Reason For Fingerprinting

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Our team of experts will help you navigate your fingerprinting , notary public and Apostille services though Billings, Big Timber, Columbus, Laurel, Red Lodge, and Roundup in Montana.

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